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"In just a short time, Mitch has provided me with crucial ideas and tools to enhance my business and become more profitable."
- Chris Antonelli - Long and Foster, Realtors

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testimonialHere is what our members are saying about our Experts and the Network.

"It was my privilege, November 2006, to participate in HomeGain’s “Winning Agent Call” with featured agent Mitch Ribak. Mitch clearly, thoughtfully and concisely shared his successful business model. He further painted a picture setting realistic goals and expectations. Internet marketing in the real estate world isn’t about getting rich quick it’s about investing in you and your business. In fact, my experience has proven you only get out of it what you put into it. Key and core to the model are sound business practices, automated systems and the idea of treating folks with respect. Mitch’s direction and my unrelenting efforts have taken me from answer to seeking to a team of six, soon to be eight, brokers. Mitch, my friend, I thank you for your time, inspiration and guidance. I’m available to visit with anyone in regards to my experience working with you."

Follow-up, August 25, 2010:

"I've been following Mitch's advice for nearly four years now as to how to successfully generate, capture and convert Internet leads into sales. Quite simply, as I said back then, I'll say once again that Mitch's systems work. We've generated many thousands of leads, closed hundreds of deals and successfully weathered the storm during a period that many agents were getting out of the business. Just think, if you can make it work now, how much further along will you be in a better market? With utmost certainty, and absolutely no hesitation, I can say that the investment you make in The Real Estate Success Network, combined with Mitch's personal guidance and support, will return to you, your business, and to your bottom line, many, many times over."
- Brian E. Kinkade, The Home Cart Team with Brokers Guild - Cherry Creek Ltd

"I heard Mitch do a talk on Homegain's Buyerlink Program and I felt the need to call him. I have always been a firm believer in never reinventing the wheel so I picked his brain about the systems he has in place to be successful. I tool his advice and it has really paid off. I have been in the business for 2 years and didn't know a soul when I moved to Florida 3 years ago. I earned over $220,000 in commissions last year when Realtors were packing it in. I attribute a large part of my success to Mitch for his openess and willingness to share his business models with me. Thank you again Mitch for your wealth of knowledge and for being so approachable. If I worked in your local market I would definately want to be working with your team."
- Lisa Gottesman, Re/Max Realty Group Fort Myers Florida

"It is very unusual to find someone like Mitch who is willing to share his knowledge and experience yet expect nothing in return. Mitch took the time to respond in detail, and has continued to respond to any questions that I asked! In just a short time, he has provided me with crucial ideas and tools to enhance my business and become more profitable. I would be happy to speak with anyone about my personal experience with Mitch Riback and the network. Mitch, please feel free to use me as a referral anytime. "
- Chris Antonelli - Long and Foster, Realtors

"It's so easy to come up with kind words to say about Mitch. He's kind and giving, almost to a fault (with both his time and resources). Mitch has changed the way our group does business. It's never easy to "retrain" and restructure yourself, but Mitch has taught me how to turn our family real estate group into a more serious business, without sacrificing quality of service or relationships. Since I started working with Mitch in early 2009, our Internet initiated sales increased from $5 million (in 2008) to over $17 million in 2009. Can I attribute all of the credit to Mitch? Probably not....but I can easily track $11 million of 2009 to his systems. I could praise Mitch endlessly (and I do) because of the quality of his advise and because of the person that he is. But, simply put, I can say unequivocally that I have a happier, more prosperous business (and life!) because of Mitch's systems and guidance."
- Kevin Koitz, and The Koitz Group