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"In just a short time, Mitch has provided me with crucial ideas and tools to enhance my business and become more profitable."
- Chris Antoneli - Long and Foster, Realtors

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 About Our Experts

mitch ribakA 30-year entrepreneur, Mitch Ribak has been involved with Internet Marketing since 1996 and was known as Mr. Internet in the radio industry. In 2001, he started his real estate career and realized the industry had no idea how to use the Internet. Soon was launched.

Over the past several years, Mitch has developed the 100MPH Marketing System along with many other systems which he continues to develop and test today. Mitch heads a team of 20+ Agents working 30-50 leads daily - thriving in one of the nation's worst housing markets, Brevard County Florida.

A genuine and dynamic guy, Mitch offers a rare perspective on how honesty, great systems and a desire to help can bring success. Having Mitch as your mentor and coach is a sure fire way to build yourself a profitable, successful Real Estate career.

Josh Grund is the President of iVortex Media, LLC and has been developing SEO strategies since 1996. Back then SEO involved working with long deceased search engines such as Infoseek and Altavista. Over the years Josh has developed white hat techniques to help his client rank their websites at the top of Google. While iVortex Media specializes in link building and SEO for the real estate industry, clients also come from the mortgage, insurance, pharmaceutical, health, and publishing industries.

Chris Frerecks is Co-founder and CEO of Kinetic Knowledge/ Real Estate Blogsites.
He has a 20 year background in the areas of entrepreneurial technology management, sales and business development. Chris has been a top producer for leading companies in emerging technology markets, including early web-based advertising (Wired, Jim Cramer's & CBS MW), content distribution (, sophisticated cross media advertising programs (CBS MW & MPT), blog and chat room data- mining (Umbria), business-class blogging solutions (Directory Xpress/ MyInfoPage, Real Estate Blogsites & Kinetic Knowledge) and blog community creation (Directory Xpress/ MyInfoPage & Kinetic Knowledge.) He has a degree in Political Science/ Economics from the University of
Maryland. Recently, he set up an office of Kinetic near Manhattan/ NYC.

 "I am an advertising / business development person from the early Internet days. With search and RSS for distribution, I felt advertorial content networking offered an unlimited and more trustworthy approach to brand advertising than traditional solutions ever had. Having pioneered business blog networks starting in late 2001, including arguably the first community based multi-user business network online, I've been working in the area of content marketing ever since."